• Accelerateur

    A unique dating accelerator

    Suggests a first date after you exchange 100 messages

  • goSeeYou

    Secure audio and video calls

    Communicate without posting your phone number

  • Geolocalisation

    Geolocation search

    Meet singles near you

  • goSeeYou

    See You (12 free per day)

    Press the See You button on your screen to signal your interest

  • Messagerie

    Direct messaging

    Live Chat available as soon as the interest is mutual

  • Partenaires

    goSeeYou Partners Directory

    Enjoy exclusive promotions at all times

*These services require the use of cellular data

A date at your business; how great!

Propose your services and date ideas to our members: a unique restaurant, entertainment idea, or event!


100 messages in your conversation?


Will propose a first date!

goSeeYou members also have access to the Partners Directory and receive personalized offers based on their geolocation

Want more?

Discover our options or become a partner!

Mode Partner

Review exclusively those members who visited your profile and keep a low profile whenever needed.

Mode Partner

Become a partner and take advantage of this unique opportunity for increased visibility!

Mode Partner

Increase your daily chances to press See You and to meet people now.

Features available for purchase in the application.

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Quickly meet

Free and accessible everywhere in North America*

*Some options charge additional fees.

Partner Information :

Toll Free Canada - USA : 1.833.GOSEEYOU

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